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Knowledgeable Real Estate Consulting in Charlotte, NC

Your company may have an extensive portfolio of real estate. But is the overall value of the properties growing or stagnant? If you need guidance about how to manage your buildings efficiently, turn to us for experienced real estate consulting in Charlotte, NC. Ensuring that a structure is optimal in all aspects is essential whether you plan to inhabit, sell, or lease the building. The Nichols Company serves several clients by providing reliable commercial real estate advising services.

Advice about Foreclosures

Real estate will only maintain or increase its value if it is in top condition. Drawing on our background and experience, our real estate consulting specialists have helped several banks regarding commercial developments taken back through foreclosure, advising what they now have, what needs to be done to keep entitlements, what could be done to improve the project, and its relative quality in the marketplace.

Resolution of Issues

The Nichols Company consulting specialists have also assisted developer and owner clients with civil engineering and site plan analysis, zoning and density studies, and condemnation defense. We also have experience helping building owners resolve issues with municipalities and other agencies having jurisdiction over a property. And our consultants show property owners how to utilize strategic planning to optimize an asset. Our creative approach to problem solving and commitment to due diligence has provided our clients with an exceptional level of service.

Our Expertise

Performed a number of extensive due diligence packages that help buyers and sellers better understand their properties.

Assisted over 15 banks, including BB&T, SunTrust and Bank of America, with the sale of their bank-owned land

Brokerage team includes a former franchisor, architect, CPA, and a member of the Charlotte Mecklenburg planning commission.

Company founded in 1999

Contact us for advice and guidance about how to manage and preserve the value of commercial real estate holdings. We proudly serve Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.